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90% of aerial video magic lies in editing

Real Estate Video Edits that will Blow your clients away!

Real estate video goes above and beyond the standard drone photographs that have become ubiquitous in the real estate industry. 

But who likes watching shaky real estate video? Millennials now have the most collective buying power in America, having overtaken boomers, and they sure don’t like watching shaky video! With our drone videos we carefully select our best takes, ensuring buttery smooth shots.

Another big no-no? A video full of boring shots. A home is a place to get attached to and our videos highlight what makes your properties so wonderful. Our shot lists always include dynamic shots that fit the mood of the property. For a house nestled in the woods, this means a whimsical, fairytale-like shot carving through the trees. Got a house in the city? Hows a high energy jump-cut showing off proximity to main shopping centers and town landmarks. 

Drone video helps buyers see features and highlight your Location, Location, Location!

Motion Tracking Text

Real Estate is all about, say it with me: Location, Location, Location. Our motion tracking allows our clients to give their customers the best seat in the house.

Looking at an aerial video without motion tracking is like trying to find a grain of rice in sand. With our motion tracking technologies we can outline properties, outline beaches, highlight water frontage or even point out features of a home such as impact windows. We can also highlight nearby shopping centers, amenities, and points of interest.

We have the skills to make you stand out - Hire a NFDS Drone Pilot Today!

Smooth, Professional Shots

Compelling drone video edits are our passion. Whether you hail from Gainesville, Jacksonville, Ocala, St. Augustine, Palatka, Interlachen, Keystone Heights, Starke, Lake City, or any other surrounding areas, we at North Florida Drone Solutions want to make your listings stand out from the crowd and sell!