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Did you know real estate drone photography helps homes sell... and FAST? In fact, the MLS says that listings with drone photographs sell 68% faster than listings without and high volume real estate companies list with drone photos 3.5 times as often, which makes sense given that if you want to move volume, drone photos help speed up the process!

Real Estate Photography is just the tip of the iceberg. Looking to truly elevate your career, your company, and your listing? Check out our work with Real Estate Drone Video.

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The Power of Real Estate photos with a Drone Lies in Flexibility

Unique Shots to Highlight Features

Gainesville Drone Photography

Drones are excellent at catching unique angles of listings that help grab the attention of clients scrolling through dozens of similar properties on sites like Zillow. The key to getting excellent drone photos that stand out is to have practice. At North Florida Drone Solutions we fly daily, honing our skills and keeping our creativity sharpened. Consequently, our photos have gained thousands of shares on our Facebook pages and we are uniquely qualified to make sure your listing stands out!

Decades of experience in aviation means you don't have to worry

Legal, Licensed, Insured, Safe

Looking for professional, licensed pilots you can trust? You should meet our team. With over 20 years of combined experience in remote control and drone aircraft, our team knows what they are doing and have the certifications to prove it. Not only are we licensed, but our families also take part in the aviation community; meaning for us, flight safety is deeply personal.

Whats more, our expertise doesn't stop there. We leverage years of experience in areas such as IT, data management, computer sciences, and business not only to innovate beyond the drone, but also to ensure our customers are given the highest level of service available.

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