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Increase safety, decrease workers comp. Use drones for your roofing inspections

Get off the roof!

The roofing industry is one of America's most dangerous industries and 39% of deaths in construction happen due to falls. Drones solve that problem. North Florida Drone Solutions and our associated brands have taken people off over 500 roofs, saving our clients hardship, potential roof damage (due to the roof being walked on), time, and money. In addition to the fall hazard we have improved hundreds lives by taking them off roofs which in Florida on a typical day can achieve temperatures of 160-190 degrees.

Our drones are equipped with high resolution cameras and our pilots are trained to get up close in personal with roofing, at times just a mere 3 feet from the roof, in order to get shots that definitively document the condition of the roof. We are not an ordinary "drone roof inspection" company that is unlicensed, uninsured, and uneducated. Our team has over a decade of experience in construction. We understand roofing and the necessary documentation that needs to be done. Uplift, ridge caps, mortar joints, soft metal, flashing details, we speak your language and understand what you need done.

Roofing Inspections with Drones
Introducing your HUB

Roofing Inspection Photos Made Easy

At North Florida Drone Solutions we love to innovate. To us innovation is so much more than just using drones. It influences our entire company from our processes and procedures down to how we deliver our construction progress photos.

We developed our HUB software in house to help our construction clients who use our aerial progress photos manage the sheet number of photographs and links they get. Take a client of ours that has three current projects we fly monthly. This company has to manage 36 links a year and keep track of 720 photographs a year. This doesn't include the occasional roofing inspection or marketing shoot that can double that number.

Our HUB is simple. Log in with an easy password and all your projects are there, ordered by date, with buttons to take you to the photo albums. This software makes it simple to go back and see what the condition of the project was a year ago. Best of all, it cost $0, just another benefit of being a North Florida Drone Solutions customer!

A close look at the benefits of drone roofing inspections

The benefits of using drones

There are many ways a good drone service provider can save you money and time by documenting the conditions of your roofing and job-site. Saving money is as easy as letting your workers comp insurance provider know that management will no longer physically go on roofs. This means there is no chance of a well paid, hard to replace employee being injured from a fall. That isn't the only way our drones save clients money. For many of our clients, getting the worker on the roof is the most expensive part. Ladder crews, boom-lifts, and camera equipment can cost thousands of dollars an hour to rent, setup, and dismantle while our services are affordable and quick, while also being thorough.

Drone roofing inspection