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Keep your project on track with Construction Progress Photography

Drones can do a lot more for a construction company than just entertain clients with Wonder Woman light shows. One of the most valuable uses for drones in construction is aerial construction progress photography.

Construction progress photography offers an excellent way to ensure your job stays on track, on budget, and ensures safety on site. Drone photography also offers an engaging way to show customers the stage of their project.

Regular photos at a site allow executives in the office to have an eye on each of their sites. We have helped executives identify when a job is starting to run behind schedule and make appropriate adjustments, ensuring the next project milestone is completed on time. Not only does this save overrun costs, but it also ensures that materials are being allocated properly and that they show up on time in the right quantities.

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Construction Progress Photography
Introducing your HUB

Drone Photos Made Easy

At North Florida Drone Solutions we love to innovate. To us innovation is so much more than just using drones. It influences our entire company from our processes and procedures down to how we deliver our construction progress photos.

We developed our HUB software in house to help our construction clients who use our aerial progress photos manage the sheet number of photographs and links they get. Take a client of ours that has three current projects we fly monthly. This company has to manage 36 links a year and keep track of 720 photographs a year. This doesn't include the occasional roofing inspection or marketing shoot that can double that number.

Our HUB is simple. Log in with an easy password and all your projects are there, ordered by date, with buttons to take you to the photo albums. This software makes it simple to go back and see what the condition of the project was a year ago. Best of all, it is a free-of-charge service, just another benefit of being a North Florida Drone Solutions customer!