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Drones in the Construction Industry

Drones have been around for quite some time now and North Florida Drone Solutions parent company, Naples Drone Solutions, has been providing drone construction services since 2015. Our experience has given us the ability to develop cutting edge programs around drones and has allowed us to make services drones provide, such as photography, easier to use.

In the construction industry we offer Progress photography, Inspection Photography, Marketing Videos, and Licensed Survey and Mapping including volumetrics, topography, ALTA surveys, and more. To read more about these services feel free to select them from our services menu or click the linked text.

The purpose of the rest of this page is to help you know what we really spend our time thinking about while on job sites. These thoughts can be broken down into three sections: 1) Safety and Legal 2) Pain Points 3) Your Story. We will get further into these topics below.


Drone Services for Construction
Drones save money, but doing things wrong can cost big

Safety and Legal

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If our years of experience have taught us anything it is that on a job site, safety is key. Our pilots fly frequently and it is our sole job to ensure we are up-to-date on the latest regulations. Following them and ensuring a safe and successful flight is not just a company mission statement, it is something we actively look for in each of our pilots. We maintain pilot logs that ensure our pilots are getting enough stick time to ensure that a drone on your construction site means a safer environment for your employees and customers.

Companies looking to hire drone pilots in the construction industry should care as well. Knowingly hiring a pilot that is uncertified or violating airspace carries a maximum penalty of $250,000. We carry aviation grade insurance policies that protect your company in the unlikely event that something does go wrong.

A company that cares to do something

Pain Points

The customer is always right. This is a saying that has been around for years and it doesn't just refer to being kind to clients that you disagree with. To us it means our clients are always telling us something worth listening to. Our company is devoted to listening to issues facing companies and devoting resources to solving those issues.

For example, in 2018 our sister company Naples Drone Solutions had a customer indicate that they loved the ability to receive photos by emailed link. This was a delivery method NDS was using since 2015. Searching an inbox was way easier than keeping track of a USB. However, NDS realized this was still not ideal and 6 months later NDS debuted their HUB software- A database tool that allows customers to view every job in one place. Fast forward to September 2019, NDS opened a North Florida branch, North Florida Drone Solutions, to help bring innovations like the HUB to the North Florida market.

Check out an example database.

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A Drone Company that Cares about Construction

Your Story

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We think about our customers. When on site, our pilots are taught to think about what story is being told. One may think this applies only to our marketing services, however the truth is it applies to every service we offer.

When a client wants to know the condition of a roof that is damaged, they are looking for clues as to what caused damage- was it uplift? damage from someone walking on it? a severe wind event? - a story of sorts if you will. Ensuring all angles, facets, soft metals, and possible damage areas are caught is a must to properly tell the story of roofing damage.

For progress photography our clients are typically looking for a thorough story about site conditions, assets on site, progress (obviously), and and potential issues. A properly told story can show when a job is behind schedule or show potential OSHA issues. Early identification of issues on site can lead to better training and enforcement of company policy reducing the likelihood of a failed OSHA inspection.