North Florida Drone Solutions

Mechanical Weed Harvesting

Future Horizons is a Top Notch Aquatic Service provider in Hastings, FL. They specialize in aquatic plant management and use us mostly for progress Photography/Video on lake and canal cleanups. Filming these monsterous mechanical weed harvesters in action is easily one of the coolest things we do, they look like a pontoon boat and a tractor had a baby! When you watch what a skilled operator can accomplish with this beast in just a couple hours, you will agree there is no more efficient way to clear a body of water. 

Fountain Installation/configuration

Sometimes you just can’t beat a birds eye view! On this particular job, we were able to assist the Future Horizons team with the precise placement of these pond fountains. Using a high vantage point and grid lines we were able to quickly position the outer four nozzles in a perfect diamond pattern equal distances from the large one in the center of The pond. Without a top down view the project would have taken much longer, most likely with less than ideal results.

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