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At North Florida Drone Solutions our team has been flying, building, and experimenting with Remote Control aircraft for over 20 years combined. Our teams passion for the air doesn't stop with drones. Our team consists of certified sky divers, FAA rated airplane pilots, computer coding enthusiasts, and hardware experts.

We have come together as North Florida Drone Solutions to serve our customers using our unique knowledge base to gather interesting and compelling footage, gather and sort data, create video edits that are meaningful, and get your job done professionally, safely, and in a way that allows our customers to have a positive experience.

Our pilots have a vast network of resources to assist in specialized areas such as construction, marketing, videography and more. We have sister offices across the state that allows our customers to experience a homogenous experience no matter where the job is located. We frequently travel and love opportunities to serve our customers all over the globe.

North Florida Drone Solutions typically operates in Jacksonville, Gainesville, Ocala, Palatka, Mt. Dora, Lake City, St. Augustine, Palm Coast, and other areas in the North Florida Region. Have any questions about what we do? Feel free to reach out to us!

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About our team

Kennon's passion for Radio Control (RC) aircraft started at a young age. Kennon's father, a retired United States Air Force crew chief and Certified Flight Instructor encouraged Kennon's passion, often taking time to design and build scale aircraft in the garage. His passion for RC Aircraft and desire to bring a legal and licensed service to the Jacksonville, Gainesville, and Palatka area led to the creation of Lakeside Drone Services.

Kennon was instrumental to the beginning of North Florida Drone Solutions. In 2019, Lakeside's professionalism caught the eye of one of Kennon's fathers graduated students, Andrew Kobza. Kobza owned two drone companies at the time, Naples Drone Solutions and Florida Aerial Survey Technologies and was looking to expand to North Floirda. Seeing the success that a professional and legal company that focuses heavily on customer experience and safety can have first hand, Kobza offered to expand operations to include Lakeside, rebranded as North Florida Drone Solutions.

Kennon's deep appreciation for flight, knowledge of scale aircraft, and eye for interesting shots are some of the qualities Kennon brings to the team at NFDS.

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Andrew Kobza
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Andrew grew up as the son of an entrepreneur that built a construction business with over 150 employees. His passion for business started in elementary school, looking for ways to market makeshift tattoos he colored at home after finishing homework. In his time since grade school Andrew has built and launched over half a dozen companies. His passion for marketing lead him to get a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration in Marketing from the University of Florida.

Andrew's passion for flight started when he flew on a private plane for the first time as a young kid. At 15 Andrew started flight lessons and received his Private Pilots License at 17. After graduating college, Andrew went to work at his fathers construction company as a business development executive.

One hot Florida summer day, Andrew's father went on a customer's roof to follow a hunch. After seeing his father sweating, hot, and nearly falling twice, Andrew realized the potential for RC aircraft to assist a construction company. This was the primary reason for the founding of Naples Drone Solutions - to keep people off roofs.

After successfully running Naples Drone Solutions for two years, Andrew opened a licensed survey and mapping branch called Florida Aerial Survey Technologies and a year after that expanded to North Florida through North Florida Drone Solutions. Andrew brings a strong background in construction, business administration and marketing, and computer sciences to the team.