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North Florida Drone Solutions is uniquely qualified to create captivating and compelling videos and photography for real estate. With specialized editing processes and unique shooting styles, we ensure your listing stands out
Construction Drone Photography in Gainesville Florida

Construction Photography and Video

North Florida Drone Solutions has executed over 500 roofing inspections since our opening. We have modeled roofs in 3D and our company history is steeped in the construction industry. Read more here.
Drone Photography in Gainesville.

Breath-taking Real Estate Photography

North Florida Drone Solutions is uniquely qualified to create captivating and compelling videos and photography for real estate. With specialized editing processes and unique shooting styles, we ensure your listing stands out

Proposal and Special Event Photography

North Florida Drone Solutions is the leader in creative ideas for special events. Looking to surprise your special someone with something unique? Check out our page dedicated to special events.

Serving Jacksonville, Gainesville, St. Augustine, Palatka, Ocala, Orlando and more!

FAA Licensed Drone Pilots

North Florida Drone Solutions specializes in Real Estate, Construction, Marketing, and Licensed Surveying and Mapping. Below you will find a more information about our offerings. To see an exhaustive list visit the link for each industry or view all our drone services here.

Aerial Video, Drone Photography, and Awesome Marketing tools

Real Estate Drone Services

Real Estate Drone Video

Look, it's no secret. Home value is so closely tied to the 3 L's. Location Location Location!

But just how do you show off your lovely 2 acre 3/2 ranch home? Sure a few photos with some Microsoft Paint arrows will show people, but it will also look a little, well.... cheap. We have the answer for you!

Our stunning videos with 3D Motion Tracked Text not only captivates viewers but also elegantly demonstrates the Location Location Location of your property! With pricing starting from $99, theres no reason not to go drone on your next property.

Aerial Progress Photos, Drone Inspections, Thermal, and more.

Drone Construction Services

Progress Photography

Show your construction site's progress to clients, bosses, and coworkers with progress photography. Our progress photography packages offer a remote and safe way to monitor the progress of a site, keep a historical record of tasks completed onsite, and identify conflicts before they happen. Progress photos are the ultimate tool for job site awareness and marketing. Social media loves to see change and our aerial progress photography packages have what it takes to leave an impression. 

Inspection Photography

Our drone inspection photography packages get definitive answers to concerns in hard to reach areas. Does the 23rd floor exterior window frame have a proper caulk detail to the building? Is the new roof properly installed? We can get photographic documentation using drones that shows the conditions of a building or site in great detail

Gainesville Drone Photography

Marketing Photography and Video

Our team has over 10 years of on site construction experience. Let us help you tell a compelling story through media. Our aerial video and photo packages will make your company stand out among the competition. 

Thermal drone inspection photography

Thermal Inspections

Whether you need to find moisture breaching a vapor barrier or better understand where a roof may be leaking, our thermal drone inspections are the tool for you. Equal parts visual camera inspection and infrared inspection, we provide thermal photos in addition to RGB ("normal") high resolution imagery. e have experience with thermally mapping everything from a roof to a 90 acre dump site in the Caribbean.

Construction Progress Photography

Tracking your job progress is so much more than just a marketing tool to excite your clients.

Our customers use our progress photos to cut down on management travel time, gain situational awareness of their projects, analyze quality, verify timelines, and catch mistakes before they happen. Progress photos also build a definitive record for when natural disasters strike or mistakes happen and insurance companies get involved. Because the project is documented regularly, there is nothing to argue about with insurance adjusters. You have the proof and the power to show where the site was at.

Construction Inspection Photography

We also provide your company with definitive inspection photos. Our parent organization was started with the intent to keep construction workers off roofs and out of harms way. Over five years later, we are the leader in Florida for roofing inspections. Not only do we take the highest resolution inspection photography but we have also developed tools in house to help with dissecting the deliverable. We take time to understand the relationship between the data and how it is utilized by our clients.

Construction Marketing Photography

Our in house marketing, video, and editing team thrives on creating gripping and compelling media that captivates the attention of those who matter. For our marketing, we start with the story. What is your story? Who is it geared towards. How do we effectively tell it through media? After answering those questions, we set out with a plan to capture aerial videos and photos that articulate the message clearly and concisely.

Our brand services all of Florida, so no matter where you need us, we will be there.

Statewide Services

Drone services where ever you need them

Our org North Florida Drone Solutions, Naples Drone Solutions, and Florida Aerial Survey Technologies, our company has the footprint to serve your company with high quality, licensed, legal drone services.

We specialize in Construction, Real Estate, and Surveying and Mapping (always legal with signed and sealed deliverables, of course). To learn more about our products, please visit our services page and select the service that you are interested in.

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